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Cours spécifiques S3:

LG91 CM 3A / INTO THE BEAT: An introduction to the Beat Generation
Christophe Lebold
  • Kerouac Jack, On the Road, Penguin
  • Ginsberg Allen, Howl & Other Poems, City Light Bookstore

In our study of Ginsberg’s Howl (1956) and Kerouac’s On the Road (1957), we will approach the beat generation as a bohemian group, avant-garde group and literary brotherhood based on
a) the embrace of norms, values and mores that work against mainstream America
b) the extension of literary subjects to new untapped domains
c) the invention of a new form of writing that mirrors be-bop jazz and action painting
d) a spiritual search for awakening that intermingles a quest for sainthood, a mysticism of excess and shades of Zen Buddhism.


LG91CM3C : Panorama de la littérature et de la civilisation des pays germanophones III
K. Heiling

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